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Alternative terms: research report

What is it?

A research assignment is an assignment of greater or lesser complexity in which both theoretical and practical knowledge are combined with practically oriented research:

  • It will relate to a problem occurring in professional practice.
  • The complexity of the assignment depends on the stage of the degree programme.
  • It will call upon your investigative attitude.

What is tested?

What exactly is tested depends on the purpose for which the research assignment is set. For example, a research assignment can:

  • Require you to gather knowledge regarding particular subject matter (generally in the initial years).
  • The objective of the assignment can also be to practically apply the skills and research methods learned (practice research/repetition of research already conducted).
  • Alternatively, the objective can be to generate knowledge for the professional field (thesis).

Depending on the educational objective, one or more of the following research skills/attitudes can be tested. The following aspects require further elaboration by the lecturer or lecturers to suit the content/level under assessment:

  • Gathering and interpretation of relevant knowledge researched.
  • Demonstrating a critical and curious attitude.
  • Knowledge of the methodological and theoretical substantiation of the research.
  • Development of instrumental research skills.
  • Setting up and conducting research.
  • Complying with ethical guidelines for good research practice.

How will I be tested?

Testing is usually conducted by means of a research report. For this report, you will document the research conducted and underpin the steps that you took. Furthermore, you may be asked to present your research and answer questions from the examiners.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by the examiner(s) regarding the degree to which you applied the intended research skills. You will be awarded a final mark, determined based on the assessment of the research report and the oral explanation (if applicable).

What feedback will I receive?

  • The research assignment will be assessed by the examiner(s)
  • You will receive a completed assessment form including content-related feedback.
  • You may also receive feedback from the client.

In addition, you will receive interim feedback from your supervisor.

How do I prepare for the test?

Preparation for the assignment:

  • Carefully read through the study handbook in which both the content and the procedures of the research assignment are explained and ask questions if you are unclear about anything.
  • Ask for examples of good-quality assignments, problems or plans of action. If necessary, ask for explanation about these aspects.
  • Make optimal use of the support offered for the purposes of conducting the research assignment.
  • Read the Code of Conduct for Applied Research in Higher Professional Education by the Vereniging Hogescholen (Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences).

Preparation for the assessment:

  • Carefully read the information about the assessment procedure.
  • Discuss the assessment criteria with the lecturer(s) so you know what is expected of you.
  • Before the test, read through the assessment form so you know exactly what aspects you are being assessed on.


Ensure you know what themes your fellow students are working on, as in the event of similar assignments, you can work together.

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